Our 50th Anniversary Book

‘IT’S ABOUT TIME: Giving Kids A Break’, by Bunty Parsons and Di Maguire



” … if I had never been offered the chance to expand my horizons when I was younger and to experience a different way of life, I wouldn’t have developed into the person I am.”


The family who inspired this statement by “Matthew” was not his birth family, but the people who took him under their wing as volunteers with Time for Kids.

It’s About Time is a collection of true stories illustrating the power of ordinary people, who have made a profound difference to the lives and futures of disadvantaged children, simply by sharing their time with kids doing it tough – kids who need a break in more ways than one.

This is a moving recount of the twists and turns that life can throw in a child’s path. It does not shy away from the grim realities of the lives of children affected by adversity right here in our own backyard. Alongside the tears there are uplifting moments, surprises and unexpected lessons.

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“I’ve just read the book all through again: such stories of hope and resilience and practical response to need are hard to put down.”  Katharine England, Book Reviewer, The Advertiser

“This book is a window into other lives in different worlds. It’s moving, funny, human and real.” Amanda Blair, Media Personality and Social Justice Advocate

Excerpt from ‘The First Stepping Stone’, a child’s story

Most people take it for granted that we all make choices. The only difference, they say, is that some people make good choices and others don’t. But I believe there are people who just do things. They don’t make choices at all because they don’t think they have any choice. That’s probably how I’d have been if I hadn’t met my ‘other family’.

I have six brothers and sisters. My father battled severe mental illness and wasn’t in our lives much. He died several years ago and I don’t have one photograph of him. My mother found it hard to raise us on her own, but as an adult I now realise that under the circumstances she did a good job. Needless to say, though, life was chaotic. I didn’t have any of my own toys, or the experience of playing peacefully on my own. We didn’t have family outings. And the quiet members were never the centre of attention in our family.

When I was five I met Sarah and Greg and their son Ben through Time for Kids. For 17 years, they have been my ‘other family’ for at least one weekend a month, and more often as time went on. People ask me if it was hard to move back and forwards. No it wasn’t. My only problem was guilt that my brothers and sisters didn’t have the same experiences I had.

But it was the day-to-day activities that influenced my life most. It was far more than just a break for me. I saw the world in a different light just from spending time at home with them. They didn’t go out of their way to do anything special. They were just there, being themselves, doing what they always did. It was the simple things. Like being asked what I wanted for dinner; being offered the most comfortable chair in the house; having my friends to my own birthday party; even the experience of talking about experiences. I would never have been given these choices at home.