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An introduction to the impacts of trauma on child development at different ages, covering:

  • What behaviours you might observe at different stages of a child’s development
  • How trauma might be affecting young people’s mental well-being and overall health
  • What you can do to support children in response to their experiences of trauma.

Take Control
Relationships Australia South Australia has developed a resource for gamers, parents and friends of gamers called Take Control.

These resources aim to support gamers whose gaming has gone from fun to harmful. It also has information for parents and friends of gamers who may have gaming problems.


  • Devices form a big part of our daily lives, but their presence can affect the quality of sleep in many ways – some effects might surprise you. Here’s how you can guide young people to switch off – and get a good night’s sleep – at bedtime.
    How Technology Impacts Your Sleep and What To Do About It, published 2018
  • Student expectations on whether they can undertake tertiary education or training can influence their motivation to achieve at school, and young people from households experiencing disadvantage are most at risk of poorer educational outcomes.
    Fewer teenagers plan on further study, with disadvantaged teens most at risk, published August 2018
  • Young people with an immigrant background face unique challenges in school environments. While there are risks to their education outcomes, there are also protective factors that contribute to a remarkable demonstration of resilience.
    The Resilience of Students with an Immigrant Background, published March 2018


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