Meet Our Children

Every year, dozens of children are referred to Time for Kids for respite care. Unfortunately, we never have quite enough volunteer carers to place with them, and several remain on our waiting list – sometimes for extended periods of time. If you or someone you know would make a great new friend for one of our children, see our Become a Carer or Mentor page for more information.

Meet Harry

Harry is six years old.  His parents are separated and he lives part time with each of them. Harry’s mum has serious mental and physical health difficulties.  She’s managing her health as best she can, but her need to stop working has placed serious financial strain on the family.

Harry’s dad also struggles with his mental health.  He lives in a small apartment and when Harry comes to stay he has to sleep on the fold-out couch. Due to his mum’s episodic illness, his parents need to share in his care in spite of this.  Harry’s mum worries that he doesn’t get to eat well when he’s staying at his dad’s house.

Harry is a caring and nurturing child who loves to help others. Harry most loves playing with Lego, drawing, and all kinds of sports.

Respite with the right person will give Harry the chance to have fun and engage in activities that his parents aren’t able to do with him. It will also give him a larger support network of people who can show him alternative life perspectives and choices – just like his parents want for him.

Meet Cate

Cate and her brother Eddie live with their dad, after their mum dropped them at his place a couple of years ago and never returned.  After many years’ struggling with and overcoming drug and alcohol addictions, taking on the children’s full-time care was a challenge and massive learning-curve for him.

Cate and Eddie’s dad struggles financially.  He has limited contact with his own family, making him and his children very socially isolated.  This has made the challenge of being the children’s sole carer doubly hard.

Cate and Eddie have learning difficulties and have struggled at school.  When they came to us a couple of years ago, they both needed respite with people who’d be able to help them grow, learn and develop.

Late in 2013, Time for Kids was able to place Eddie with a volunteer carer to spend regular time with him.  We’re still looking for someone who wants to become a friend and support to Cate but we hope we’re going to be able to achieve this in the near future.

Meet James

James’s mother died when he was young and he went to live with his grandparents. Sadly, his grandmother passed away not long after and his grandfather wasn’t able to look after him alone, so James went to live with his aunt and her family.

James’s aunt has two young children of her own, is studying, and is also full-time carer to his uncle who has a chronic back injury and lives in constant pain.  This means she doesn’t have the time to spend with James that she wants to.

The family struggles financially, as James’s uncle isn’t able to work and his aunt is still completing her qualification.  They are doing their very best but James needs supportive role models outside of his immediate family.

James is very polite, friendly and funny. He’s very excited about the possibility of making a new friend, through Time for Kids, who will be able to spend time with him and share the interests that he doesn’t currently have the chance to enjoy due to his family’s circumstances. 

James has been waiting for a volunteer carer through Time for Kids since July 2013.